What problem is your team trying to solve? We work side-by-side with your team to create innovative solutions to some of your toughest challenges


We spend time listening to your team to understand your passions and goals. Then we provide training on best practices and build a results-centric strategy designed to ensure a successful product launch.


Brushfire is zealous about the visual design of our technology. Our award winning design team won’t stop until the user experience of your product truly transcends the status quo.


We develop in short, two week iterations to get user feedback and ensure open lines of communication. Brushfire leverages a variety of web & mobile platforms based on the unique needs of your product.


We love to partner with organizations long after their initial launch. We can help your product gain the highest possible user satisfaction through marketing, training, testing, and feature refinements over time.

  • “The Perspective app is brilliantly done and it will play a very meaningful role in a lot of significant conversations... really good work.”
    - Aaron Emerson, CRU

  • “The Brushfire team also provided close integration with our donor management system and social media presence. This more "complete" approach to mobile set them apart from other vendors.”
    - Daniel Li, IJM

The Power of Face to Face

The Power of Face to Face:
How The Rise of Mobile Makes
Relationships Foundational Again

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Locally made tip app launches for Super Bowl

We live in a mostly plastic world with very few people carrying more than $20 in actual cash at a time. Instead of being caught in the uncomfortable situation where you would like to tip but don’t have any cash... you can tip straight from your smartphone.

Brushfire Launches Givr

Givr was developed with a single purpose in mind: Modernize mobile giving. The goal was to see nonprofits ahead of the mobile payments curve, leveraging technology and efficiency to maximize donor participation. With Givr's super clean interface and easy to use features, mobile giving will never be the same!


Turning Gardens into Beautiful Landscapes

Have you ever had to decide between a landscaped backyard or a nice garden? Why not have both? The Founder of Agriscaping Technologies, has come up with a unique way to merge the two.

Crossway ESV App

Thanks to Crossway for collaborating on this great product.

Brushfire is Growing!

We continue to expand and bring in talented software gurus capable of building some of the world's most elegant products. If it's been a while, stop by to meet some of the newest team members.

Shotzoom on NY Times Top 10 apps

Shotzoom (our sister company) was just honored by the New York Times as creating one of the Top 10 apps. Shotzoom's Tiger Woods:My Swing app was a major step forward for video manipulation on the iPhone. Yeeee hawww!!

We Do Games...

Brushfire recently partnered with Depixion to launch the new addictive game where you and your friends send scrambled photos back and forth to solve. This fast-paced app is the perfect marriage of social image sharing and addiction in-app purchase driven gaming

Shotzoom Wins Apple Design Award

Our sister company (Shotzoom Software) recently won the App Design of the Year at Apple's WWDC award. The award was for the team's extraordinary work on the Golfscape augmented reality app. We couldn't be more proud!

Microsoft Features IJM App

IJM and Brushfire were recently featured in a Microsoft Case Study. The case study features the IJM Windows Phone app and it's innovative use of the Microsoft platform to enable activism.

Plugged In Grabs NRB App Award

Focus on the Family will be receiving the award for Best Mobile Ministry Initiative at this year's National Religious Broadcasters conference. We're incredibly proud of our work on this project. Our congratulations go out to the Focus team for a job well done.

Teaming with the Gospel Coalition

Brushfire is incredibly excited to be working with The Gospel Coalition to a launch an iPad app for the new Tim Keller penned catechism. The new property will focus on helping children and there parents engage in a catechism in a deep and meaningful way. More details to come...